Wednesday, October 20, 2010

do you need more fun in your life?

I have been busy looking after my mother, who had to go to the hospital emergency.We have been 3 times and finally they decided to keep her.  She had unusual symptons, a hard time breathing, very weak , droppy eye, seeing double.  And some you think well the droppy eye she had a stroke, not so.  Seeing double she had a stroke, not so, weak same thing.  She had all this unusual symptons that nobody could figure out, really quite serious.  And then all of the sudden it comes back and she has a bladder infection.  When you are older and get a bladder infection, it effects you differently you can become confused, forget how to write, etc.  Good thing to know, keep that in mind.,  So hopefully this will resolve some of the problems.  When you get older it is like you are invisible.  If you dont have someone by your side, you can fall through the healthcare cracks very easily.  Because your old, your just a complainer, you dont know what you are talking about and then the senior just shuts down.   Remember most everyone gets old and sick and what goes around comes around. In this day and age, your caregivers are your family, and thats what the healthcare wants, they dont want them in the hospital costing them money. 
Sometimes it is impossible to give the care that is required at home, and they need to be in the hospital, or the family work, or there house is not right, there is stairs etc.  That is the case here, our house is a two story with lots of stairs that she could not walk up.  So now what is the next step, if her symptoms don't resolve themselves.  Right now she lives in a lodge, where they look after themselves and have all meals downstairs in a dining room.  It is very nice, and she likes it alot there.  When you cant look after yourself anymore the next step is a nursing home. Do i want to make this decision to put my mother in a nursing home no.  Does she want to go into a nursing home, no.  Its a dilemma that has been  keeping me up night,  Because I know she will have to go to a nursing home soon.

Well enough about me and my problems, I have signed up for two courses, one is a Christmas journal with dblogger and a free course with Willowing, check them out.

Well I will talk to you all tomorrow, and I promise no more health stuff.


  1. Hugs to you Lee. We are wrestling with these same issues with my grandfather today...tough tough stuff. Don't be afraid to take a tylenol pm to get a good night's sleep if you need it! Keep are such an inspiration to me!

  2. You are right: senior citizens seem to become invisible... and it's a shame.
    Keeping your mom and your family in my thoughts.

  3. Wishing fast recovery to your Mom. It's sad that things are the way you described them. Your mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter. xo

  4. Lee, that is a tough situation. Getting old is not really accepted anymore, at least it seems to me like that sometimes. Our health system is not that good either and even as young patients you can be shut down to safe them money. I hope you find a okay solution for you and your mom. Hugs and smiles you way, Anke ;)


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