Friday, October 29, 2010

My life is like a Circus

weather:  cold, hazy
clothing:  getting out winter clothes, finding socks, getting boots out, getting winter coats cleaned
visiting:  mom in the hospital, picking up dog food from the vet, picking up passport renewal forms, dropping books off at library
tv:  waiting for greys anatomy, and private practice
dinner: 2 small Halloween chocolate bars, a few diet cokes and a piece of raisin bread toasted (not healthy I know but sometimes you just gotta eat like that)
art:  finished above page this morning early  Lots of ideas swirling around, writing them down so I dont forget.


  1. Lee, this journal spread is FANTASTIC!!! I love everything about it....the softer colors, the picture of the old truck, the balancing guy, it's all so perfect. And I agree with you that I like order and calm, too.

  2. Love your journal page. And I also love what you had for tea. Can I come to your house for tea?!!!

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Lee...I see why your title for this post is "my life is like a circus" but it sounds very interesting. I love this journal spread...wondermus!


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