Saturday, October 16, 2010

What are you doing today?

Stenciled background on card with hand drawn owl
with white pen

Got the flu shot today
pre voted for city council today
grocery shopping
homemade soup and left over pizza for dinner
working on my studio, clean up in progress
blogger was not uploading my pictures but now works
going to take pictures outside on beautiful fall day, leaves all colours
cleaning up car
whats on your Saturday schedule


  1. What am I doing today??? Not much! I went to bed late, got up early so I think a nap is in my future. And a little bit of painting.

  2. Hi Lee,
    Hey, this is a great piece of art.
    Lurve the stenciled background with the colours running together and the owl just tops it off!

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  4. So far today we went to pick the flooring, went to get some K- cups and a few groceries. Tonite we are having pulled pork and coleslaw then watching a movie.

  5. I'm taking it easy today. A lot of laying around. And some paper writing. And making chicken soup to hopefully help me feel better!

  6. Love that background and the owl is really good. Today we bought sound equipment for our home theater.

  7. Hi Lee- I like that owl on this page...really pretty!

    Lunch with my grandma
    Sew Halloween costume for Kate
    one more errand
    finish costume

  8. What did I do on Saturday?
    Got up, started to read my email, my boyfriend came over, we had a few minutes together, then he had to go home.
    Went garage saleing, went to the library book sale, went to a community festival.
    Went home, had lunch, went to the library.
    Came home, went to a trivia night with family, came home, stayed up way too late finishing my email.


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