Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How many do you work on?

Alright I used to be pretty anal, about a lot of things I still am.  But I am trying to get better and loosen up the reins.  I used to only work on one art book at a time, I had to finish all the pages and then I could move on to another book, but only if the book was completed.  SO now I have a few books, I have this book above, I call this my practice book, where I give myself time to play dream up things, paint etc.  Sometimes things work out and sometimes not.  Like I really like the big blue bird, which I am sure will work its way out of the book and somewhere else.  Now the red dogasorius, that's what I am calling it, showed up when I painted some red watercolour on the page and I just saw it.  That's how my mind rolls.  Back to the journals, I keep one in my purse, one visual journal I try to work on and that's it.  Just three, but from 1 to 3 is huge for me, a big step in my controlled little world.  Now reading books is another matter, I cannot read more than one at a time...   Now the plants, need a little more work before they make their way out of the practice journal.

Now I would really like to know how many do your work on?


  1. I love the colors here, and the shapes - the bird. Super!

    I keep 3 journals. Sort of. 1 is strictly written - this is a notebook. 1 is a "sketchbook" where I record color mixing experiments, notes on projects, etc. 1 is a visual journal. My sktechbook recently filled up and I didn't want to buy a new one so I'm now using my visual journal as a sketchbook too. It takes some getting used to.

    I work more in my written journal than in the other ones.

    That's my story. ;)

  2. I guess 3 is the magic number. I also keep 3 journals. One is an art journal that I also try to write in on a daily basis. The second is a Tarot journal and the last is a sketch journal for my sketches and multiple notes.

  3. Your birds are so fun! And I love the dogasorius...

    I currently play in 2 art journals but have a bunch of notebooks around my home. I also have 2 small sketchbooks for mandalas and zentangles. Oh and I have a couple more art journals that are not full but I haven't used those in over a year. Maybe I should pull them out and fill them.
    Yeah, I kinda like journals and notebooks...


  4. Dear Lee-such fantastic colors and shapes here!! I work on lots of different paintings/sketchbooks at one time. that way...if something frustrates me, I can move onto something else and then come back to it later.
    Yes...letting go of perfect is...difficult. A work in progess indeed. xxx


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