Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Art is Subjective

What is beautiful art? What is bad art?  Its your opinion, like I don't get abstracts, I like them but don't understand them.  But there is always some story attached to it.  This one was done all in pastels, I set out to make a quirky face, with full lips.  I know I cant make faces that actually look like people so why not make them quirky (that is a nice name for the face).  Personally I like the way it turned out and that's my story and I am sticking to it.
Today was all about going to the Dentist and having a tooth filled I hate the dentist so It was a big deal for me. Running errands, banking, getting the turkey and fix ins for Thanksgiving on Sunday night, 13 people are coming over for dinner.  What did I get myself into? And tonight is all about me, I am picking up my blogging friend Gayle and we are off to make art at the quirky art cafe.  So adios and talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. you are very lucky to have a friend share your art with! Have fun at the cafe!

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  3. Lee, I love this guy! It could be a male form, but then again it could be female. From the hat to the lips, it's beautiful. Good for you being original, this is super refreshing!

  4. Hope you had fun yesterday Lee : ) Art is subjective.
    Just because you don't do "good" faces now...keep at them and you will eventually start getting ones you like.

    Happy arting to ya Lee

  5. Faces are just difficult, no matter what! (Not to mention, trying to capture an elusive expression)! By creating the wonderful images you do, you are successful, and that's the best art! :o)


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