Saturday, November 06, 2010

Youv'e come a long way baby

 I like drawing faces , I like to try to make them different.  I like to try to skin tones just right.  That means I am always learning. But I am  always envious of people who have that great talent.  The first one, is the very first drawing of a person I ever did on the blog.  I went back it was July 2002, and this the second is a little one I did the other day.  I have improved, but still see things, bad lips, eyes not quite right, nose.  But I am learning and that is what art is all about right?  I am enjyoing the class, and I know I will never be able to draw a face that actually looks like somebody, but I like drawing these random faces.  I am just saying she had botox.



  1. Hi Lee - its good to look back and see how far youve come.... your art gets better all the time!!!

  2. LOL! Botox, huh! I'm going to say this again - you're too hard on yourself! Your art has such a wonderful style and I love the faces and the animals that you paint. Looking back over the art you've done in the past should give you such a feeling of accomplishment. And I love it all!!!


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