Monday, November 01, 2010

channeling my inner Marilyn

This was for practice
things I like
I like the layers that show thru
I like the transfer (because it turned out)
I like the colours I painted

Things I don't Like
I don't like the lettering (its crooked)
I don't like the hair I painted
I don't like the placement of the transfer

So this was a good practice assignment for me. 
Things I learned
When using stamps, I have this stamp thingamajig that makes you go straight I need to use it
I need to think more of placement
and colour balance

Do you practice and critique your work


  1. I like it. I do critique my work, but I think I forget to say the things I like and tend to focus on what I don't like. I need to change that.

  2. I love this! That transfer, the colors are super.

    Most of what I do feels like "practice". I critique my work in much the same way you do - give myself credit for what I like and asses what needs to be improved.

  3. Hi Lee,
    Interesting, I don't really critique my work like you've done out in public.LOL
    I do sit and ponder before signing my art work and then that's it, the signature is final.

    You made me laugh with the thingamajig!
    Now I'd like to know what that is-that makes your stamps go on straight? I may need one...

  4. I keep telling you - you're too hard on yourself! I like this page. I think sometimes it's good to have the lettering be crooked. It adds some interest. Painting hair is one of my nightmare things to do so I can sympathize with you on that although I don't think it looks bad. You've definitely caught the essence of Marilyn.

  5. HI Lee, you are so funny....well I guess I critize my work during the process but not really after. Never really thought about honestly.

    I could use some channeling of my inner Marylin too.....kind of get lost as a 'woman' taking care of my kids, lol!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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