Sunday, November 07, 2010

Phoenix Travel Journal

Last night decided to get busy and make my travel journal for my trip to Phoenix.  The book I used I
got in the mail as an advertisement for TOMMY it was perfect not to may pages, exactly what I
wanted.  I painted and gessoed all the pages, added bits and pieces here and there.  The main
part I am going to do on the trip, but wanted it ready.  So here is front cover, inside front cover and page
1. I stayed up and got it all finished one more thing off my list of to do's.


  1. That looks like a perfect travel journal. When are you going to Phoenix?

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    looks like a perfect travel journal - love those planes... I had a art brainwave the other day and its along the same theme... not started yet though! :( krissie at winterwood

  3. Very cool! It will be fun to see how you fill it up on your trip.

  4. I love travel books and really need to start keeping my own! I meant to this weekend in Sacremento, but of course after hours of prepping it, I left it behind on accident! oops... but I guess it was one step closer to actually getting it done on the next trip!

  5. This travel journal is wonderful Lee : )

    I also think your portraits are looking good. I find the more I practice faces...the better I get.

    Have a great day Lee

  6. lee, i found you through eden's delightful blog. i adore what you are creating here. lots of heart-flight. i'm a follower to be sure!

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