Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday......

I hope your all full of Turkey and have done your 4 am shopping, and are just kicking back looking at all the great deals that you got.  Oh how I wish I was there.

The other day I was in my fav store Anthropology ( i don't buy the clothes way to expensive for me) but I love going in there. I love the design asthectic they have, the books, the nick knacks, the ideas. Well I saw this packet of tags, and loved it. Okay 12 dollars for tags a little excessive, but I bought them. When I got home and looked at them, I thought I could make these so here they are. The first one with the animal is Anthro and the girl is mine.

I used Photoshop Elements and just measured it created the size and brought in my art.  OK really these are not to labour intensive, if you already have the art done, you just size it and bring it on.  So I am
going to make a few as gifts, just use a heavy cardstock in your printer.  I have drawn on a few of them, and am going to paint them and see how they look, I will let you know.  Today its time to go and
get a pedicure, after all in just a few days, I will shed my boots for sandal wear. 

Hope your holidays are full of fun and family


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