Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Back to Everyday Life

I used an old school book I found at a thrift store that is the back
This is inside the book, a art journalling pages I did

Well I am back on the blog posting trail, from now on back to regular programming, whatever that is.  So this is last you will hear about my Mum from me, okay maybe a few things here and there, but this blog is about Defining me, not about grief and stuff that brings you down.  A fine therapist once said to me, get on with you life, its short and you need to start living it . So thats what I am going to try to do.

So the funeral (whatever you would call it) as mum did not want a funeral is over.  She was cremated and placed in a Niche that faced a busy road.  That is what she wanted, she said she wanted to see me drive by (I drive on that road alot) and she could wave and I could wave and say to her "how are you doing Mum".  So it's done as of Thursday, friends of ours came, my brother inlaw came and said a
few words, and said my mums favourite prayer (The lords prayer).  I was going to say to a few words,
but couldn't in the end.  To many tears, to much grief, my husband said them for me and that was it.  The weather was terrible, snow, cold, windy.  But now its over, the other stuff that needs to be done is completed, the emptying of her apartment thank god, my sister was here for that and my daughter helped.
The going to the government and cancelling the pensions, letting people know about her passing. Making
sure the ladies in her building who she loved got a little something special.  I gave them all brooches from my mums collection she wore a brooch everyday and loved them.  They were all thrilled and we all cried and remembered.  Now its back to the living and art.

Last night went to the studio and worked on a new journal book, as I have finally finished the one I have been working on seems like forever.  I am using a children's textbook.  The spread you see is a page about my mother and death.  I got it down , its done now I am moving on to hopefully happy pages.  I am working on a Christmas art journal.  Some Christmas pages, some art cards.  I am branching out and working on more than one thing at a time, that's new to me, but it keeps you always creating.  Well that is it for a Saturday post.  I am off with the shopper, to Ikea, Homesense, Winners, taking stuff back.  Then its home to dinner out with hubby.

                                                    This is the front cover, I covered it up with paper,\ I dont thinkthe paper will be staying, I dont know yet what I am going to do on the front.


  1. Those are the awful bits that we all have to go thought once the person has died... there is so much more to do than I ever thought...all those practicalities have to be done. I do beleive that life has to go on, but once in a while I forget that and my emotions take over. I never made a page about this topic, but this has got me thinking about it. Hugs to you as you get back to everyday life. Hugs krissie

  2. Art has a healing ability and I'm glad to see you getting back to it. You'll have moments when it's tough but when you have something to occupy your time it makes it so much easier.

    I've been thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way.

  3. Lovely journal spread. I think this was important Lee... I made entries in my journal when both my grandma and my uncle died. I still enjoy viewing them now.

    I've always wanted to do a proper Christmas book! Good for you... I should really start. Each year I say, "hmm, maybe next year!" Argh.

    Hugs from germany,

  4. Anonymous6:37 AM

    that is awesome that what you did for the ladies in the home your Mom would have loved that
    I wished I had known I would of come to the little service to say a few words and to say goodbye
    keep posting that is my way to keep in contact with you
    love and miss you all

  5. Glad to hear that you're continuing to create beauty through your art and kindness. I will look for your posts. My warmest thoughts are with you as you heal. Hugs, Michele

  6. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Lee, it was touching reading about your mom's final resting place. It is sweet that your mom's friends will have something of your mom's to remember her by. This spread will be a lasting memory page to honor your you said moving on the happier pages.

  7. HI Lee, I'm so sorry to read you Mom passed away. It's never easy to let go of somebody so close to you.
    Take your time and as Janet said, 'Art has a healing ability', use it as often as you need it!
    Lot's of thoughts your way!


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