Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is it a pretty sight when you wake up in the morning?

Sometimes when you wake up do you feel and look like this?  it"s not pretty when I wake up.  Not like at the movies where they jump out of bed and are ready to start there day.  When was the last time I jumped is the question, and out of bed impossible.  So to feel less like an alien I did go and get my hair done, and I now feel good.  See what a liuttle thing like going and getting a hair cut will do to you. 

Well as you all know its Saturday, and here where I live, on Sunday they have this huge football game called the Grey Cup, kinda like the Super Bowl but on a lower level.  So the city is full of people from different cities in Canada, our team is not in the game.  So I am not going near where all the yahoos are today.  I am off to do a few errands, then home to continue packing and repacking.  Taking things out that I think I will not need, and then putting them back in.  The shopper was suppose to come over and move some of her stuff out, but apparently that tomorrow.  She has half her stuff here and half her stuff at her new place. 
Well enough blather about my life and times, its Saturday its time to go out and spend some money I don't have, but hubby does and just enjoy the day.  What are your doing today, have turkey soup, leftover turkey sandwiches.....


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    love the new header Lee... my dh was brought up by a dad who had nothing but volksvagon cars, and so me and dh had about 5 of them in our early yrs... then we found them to small for our family...but they weere classic cars!!! krissie @winterwood

  2. Love the new header!! I'm so bad about changing mine. I just forget about it.

    As for jumping out of bed, I sure don't jump but I am an earlier riser. And getting my hair cut always makes me feel better no matter what. Today is just a lazy Sunday for us. Football on TV, maybe a little baking, and a cozy fire in the fireplace. It's been cold here.

    Have fun on your trip!!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    lot the new Picture you both look so cute jump out6 of bed and go NOT
    but i have it down to an art now and it only takes about 15 min to get ready now
    have a great trip
    love always your cousin in Vancouver
    Kathy xxoo


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