Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have gone green recycle

I would like to thank you all very much for such heartfelt  messages
that you left me, I was truly touched.  It was all very quick with
my mother though she had been in the hospital 3 weeks.  I had
notified my sister that I thought she should come and see Mum. 
She got to see my mother, and that night we all laughed and
joked and kissed her and both told her we loved her and
we would see you tomorrow.  I think my mother was waiting
to see my sister and then she could let go.  So at least
she did not suffer and she knew that she was very much loved.

So I have not been sleeping to much, my mind is whirling  and
trying to keep the grief at bay.  She has been my whole life
the last while, as she has been ill for quite a long time.  So
now my life will get back to normal, but now I have
to find out what a normal is.

So my late nights I have spent in the studio, either just
sitting there and creating nothing worth showing, or just sitting there
thinking about something to create.  I feel a creative slump coming on.
I had an old  Anthropology bag and cut it up, and had this picture
from a magazine of a really older lady, with lots of wrinkles and
really weathered looking, so I started playing around with that.
Trying to take it to a different level trying to make it look
like it was just painted.  I don't think it quite hit the mark, but
I must say it looks nothing like it did before.


  1. grief is a funny thing - there are no too much or not enoughs. there is no right way to grieve. it cycles - and when those waves come, just know that you are allowed to feel whatever it is that it is making you feel.
    big love from me to you.

    and I think its interesting that your bag does not look like an old lady - but youthful and happy. as if reborn.
    seems fitting right now.

  2. Yes agree with P.Peacock... about grief, as you know my parents passed 3 yrs ago and still not a day goes by when I dont think of them, and will get a tear in my eyes... but thats just normal. Go at your own pace and dont try to force creativity as grief itslef is a huge thing to deal with. Hugs Krissie

  3. I agree with Phoenix Peacock and Krissie....each person has to grieve in their own way and in their own time. Just let it happen however it does. You'll find your new normal when it's time.

    The bag looks really cool. Your creativity might need some time to grieve, too. After all, it's a big part of who you are.

    I'm thinking of you and sending love and hugs.

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Lee just remember you are not alone in your greif and yes we all need to greive in our own way and everyone has their own way to get through it I am so glad that you all had that last night together and I too think she was waiting for Vicki to arrive it is amazing how the mind works as people will say something to me and it will remind me of Auntie and bring tears to my eyes and then a smile to my face as I realize she is with Uncle Wally and Delta and is happy
    I miss her greatly but know she is at peace and that makes me happy
    I am here if you need me
    love always your cousin
    Kathy xxoo

  5. Grief is totally personal journey of peaks and valleys. I too know the feeling of not knowing what normal is and sometimes it amazes me that no matter how long ago the loss happened it still has the ability to come and kick you in the you know what whenever it wants to. I'm glad to hear that you are using your creativity to heal. Creativity is the one and only constant in my crazy life so just keep on creating. Lovely bag by the way. blessings

  6. Anonymous6:21 PM

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  7. Anonymous9:47 PM

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