Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do You make lists?

I keep the book in my purse at all times and add stuff when I buy it.
The loose pages are some daily stuff that needs doing.

I am such a list maker...I make lists for everything.    You can find my lists on the fridge, beside the computer, beside the chair I sit in, beside the bed, just in case I want to jot something I think about down.
Here is what I make lists of,

1. Lists of groceries needed (everybody makes those)
2.  List of household chores that need to done
3.  List of things that need to be done or fixed by hubby
4.  List of all art supplies I buy so I dont buy the same thing 3 times....
4.  List of christmas card that need to go out and by what date
5.  A list of packing , what to pack , how many and everything else that goes with packing,
6.  A list of what goes on in my carryon
7.  A list of my favourite books and authors
8.  A list of the books I have read, and how I liked them
9.  A list of  DVD that I want to rent
10.  Movies I have seen and liked

I know I have forgotten some lists that I do.  Truthfully I like making lists and then checking them off as I do them, then transfer the undone ones to the list for tomorrow.  I know control issues I make lists and then do nothing with them, yep.  I will work really hard on a list and then completly blow it off.  It must be my way of doodling.

Well on todays list here is what was on it.

1.  hair cut   done
2.  Post office done
3.  Bank  done
4.  Library done
5.  Staples for copies done
6. Michaels for half of coupon   done ..I know I said a few posts ago I was not going to buy any else for awhile, but those coupons call to me.  So I bought a 21 dollar stamp, some weird language and got half off.

Okay now that your completely wondering how could see make a whole blog post about lists, she must be off her rocker.  You are right, as I look back at this post, I must be since I wrote it, I am posting it and that's just the way it rolls around here.


  1. I make lists otherwise I'd never remember to do anything! I have a small journal that always goes with me when I'm has info on everything in it. Like you I need to keep track of my art supplies so I don't buy the same things again and again.

  2. I have to have lists...I know they think I'm a bit crazy, but I would never get anything done if I didnt have that list!

    Happy Thanksgiving Lee

  3. same as everyone else here... I love making lists and reading lists, and I have them all over the house... for various things like a holiday list, handbag list, what to buy list and my list goes on and on! crazy huh? and the worst thing is that I TILL forget stuff!!!

  4. Have you ever noticed how other people's shopping lists end up abandoned in shopping carts? Don't they miss them? Hee hee! ;o)

  5. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I make lists but most of the time I don't follow them but I do make a christmas list and a grocery list but that is about it
    as I don't have time to make the list I usually regret it as I will forget alot of stuff
    have a great day Lee
    love your cousin in Vancouver
    Kathy xxoo

  6. I LOVE lists - when I'm doing a 'to do' list (which is always over-ambitious) I always add a few things that I've already done that day just so that I can enjoy crossing them off!!


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