Monday, January 10, 2011


are you on facebook
do you know how it works

well I am on facebook my sister talked me into she said its a good way to share pictures, find people etc.  So i joined swhile ago, did not do to much on it, because in my opinion it like a blog.  But anyway I thought to myself maybe i could find people I knew when I was younger and lived in Vancouver.  But unfortunately it took me months to remember there names, don't get old people, your memory isn't as sharp as a tack anymore.  Anyway, one night I had a dream I kid you not and remember one of my friends name, his whole name. I know I should be on believe it or not..  Anyway went to face book, looked under his name and the Vancouver area, found one, and emailed him and asked him a  question, because you don't want some random person, pretending to be him.  He emailed me back and it was him.  He was I would call him a best friend, always there for me I was 16 and we hung out with the same people.  So we have been emailing each other, talking about our family and old times. He was the nicest guy, and still is.  He remembered a name of a gal we hung out with , get this he had a dream and remembered her name and a phone number.  Of course when he\
phoned her it was the wrong number.  He looked her up in the phone book and she was using her maiden name still and that's how he found her.  Small world right.  The trouble with find women, is they go by there married name, so if you don't know who they married you cant find them. When I joined facebook, I joined up in my maiden name, just in case some long lost friend who was a millionaire was looking for me and leaving me money, it could happen.  I only wish I still had my high school yearbook, my mother was not a keeper of those things, so I could try and connect with more people.  Okay are you on face book, have you found anyone that you used to know. Oh and the picture I did not post a new picture of me, I used an old one, because that long lost millionaire, doesnt know what I look like now haha


  1. I'm still learning about Facebook and I'm not sure how much I like it, but I do like that I've met people from my past and that was good : )

  2. after reading this post I went on FB and began looking for all old mates back home... found some and spent about 3 hours doing that! Not sure if it was a waste of time or not but had fun doing it!


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