Saturday, January 15, 2011

keeping my options open

even though I say I don't make art everyday, I do something art wise daily.  For example, just finished reading a book by Nick Bantock.  I loved it and got plenty of great information on collage.  I ordered some art books from the library.  I have ordered online Pam Carrikers new book which should be out this month.  The new cloth paper scissors magazine has a great project which I am making, the little book made from a file folder.  I watch the art videos at Millandes, might not make any art, but still am engaged and thinking what could I make, how could I do that.  I have been doing the Strathmore classes, not ready to show anything yet, but still doing it.  I have been tidying up the studio trying to make it easier for me, mo oving stuff, getting organizational stuff.  But what or how does everyone store there stuff they cut out or find, empheria, I spelled that wrong I know.  I have them in bins, sorted, images, backgrounds, words, but there must be another way.  I have been purging stuff that I have not used in over a year. Good stuff the good will, or a school. So I might say I don't make art everyday, but I do something artful every day, right now I am making some stamps.  What do you do every day to stay artful.


  1. Hi Lee, same as you. Read, surf for inspiration, thinking about ideas/plans/classes, taking an expressive photo for the day, create colorful muffins, sew...and so on and's good to stay in touch with the creative juice, it doesn't matter how,at least you try to stay connected! I found taking photos everyday is kind of working for me. So enjoy being 'creative' every day, smiles, Anke ;)

  2. I do much the same things as you plus we're doing some of the same workshops. I find that just sitting at my worktable and looking at all my supplies sometimes inspires me to do art.

    And books and magazines are always part of my inspiration hunt.

  3. I have not been making art regularly lately either. Like you, I've been keeping my fingers in the art pie by reading and watching videos. Blogs by other artists keep me in the mood.

    I've been in a bit of a slump lately, so am consciously working to get beyond that.


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