Sunday, January 09, 2011

Its a PJ day today

I have been shopping on Amazon and bought two amazing books, okay I only have received one so far.  The pioneer woman cooks. she has a great site, i have been reading her blog for ever it seems.  She is funny,  a great cook, I love her family she is one of those women who it seems does everything so effortlessly.  I am not one of those women, everything i try usually turns out badly.  I bake cookies short bread cookies for Christmas, they turn to goop, etc that is the way my life swings, it usually takes two or three trys before it is perfected. The other book is masters collage, I heard the word from the grura I love her site, she shows links to other great sites, and she is the best read person I know, and I dont know her.  I took out my mixed media collage book to work on and found this in it, I don't know if i posted it before or not but her it is, I used cheap watercolours on it.

Well its still snowing, and I am going to be house bound till the plows come thru I have decided, so I am in my PJs and cleaning up and blogging and drinking diet coke, and take breaks and listen ting to satellite radio, and dancing around.  The fireplace is on, and its cozy and it makes you want to do some art, so I think I might just do some today.  So you just might see some tomorrow,  so stay tuned.

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  1. I'm having a PJ day, too! No snow here though. Just chilly and windy.

    I like The Pioneer Woman even though I don't like to cook. I do like to bake and usually have good results.

    Kelly Kilmer is the person I credit most with my art journaling. She really got me going.


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