Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A paintover

This is a paintover of a favourite old picture of mine, (another oldie but goodie I promise new art soon) my mom is in the middle
today was at staples making copies of my journal pages
took the bottles back to the bottle depot
hair cut
dog walk
pork chops in oven with golden mushroom soup and onions
mashed potatoes
mixed vegetable
weather above zero
muck and slush everywhere the down side of a above zero day
watched Millandes video day 5
going down to the studio to create
what are you doing today?


  1. I don't know what a "paint over" is, but this is amazing!! I want to try one... did you just paint over an original photo or a copy? So cool!!

  2. You had a busy day....and much more productive than mine was.

    I'm with TJ on this one....did you just paint over an old photo? I assume you did it on a copy. I love the idea and have been toying with trying to draw some of my old family photos. This would be lots simpler.

  3. I love this piece of art! So fun and fantastic, I need to try this with some old photos I have bought at estate sales or auctions...Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also those pork chops with onions and mushrooms sound heavenly! Care to share the recipe?


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