Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am calling a snow day

Well all its done for the past 2 days   is snow, and all its suppose to do for the next 3 days is snow.  I got stuck in the snow backing out of my house, and so did half the neighbourhood  hubby got the snow blower going and cleaned off the driveway and did the neighbourhood walks, the snow was so heavy you could not use the shovel.

Well after being unstuck I went off to the mall, nothing stops me, just like the mail.  I went with the shopper, and i bought myself a new daily planner, and some stuff from the body shop.  Then it was home because the weather was getting worse.  I have not been creating much art, but I am taking the Strathmore Art free courses and am doing the one with Pam, where you remake a new page using your old art.  I am enjoying doing it.  I also signed up for Alisha's sketch class, I like to sketch and Id think she is a great artist and has a great style of her own.

Well this is enough exciting information for one night.  Stay tuned I might have some new art soon, keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Lee are all these online classes free or is it pay up for each class?

  2. That sounds like a LOT of snow! You should stay home and just make art.

    I think this page is so cool. I love the jeans and the flower on the woman's head! You make the best art!!

  3. Lots of snow, we are suppose to be getting more here as well. The eight inches we got at the first of the month is finally gone and it started snowing last night. Just a little but the are expecting way more mid week.

  4. I can't imagine that much snow...we've never had any and I've only been in in a handful of times in my life. So stay warm...make art! :)

    (Or watch movies..that's what I did on our rainy days.)


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