Thursday, January 20, 2011

The case of the 2 headed chicken

Here I was last night watching TV (Flipping out) with Jeff Lewis and making stamps, doodling ideas and decided that I would try to make some kind of bird, doodled the bird with one head and it just called to me that this chicken needed two heads.  So now I need to make the stamp.

Tonight is EAT OUT OF THE FRIDGE night.  Whatever is in the fridge in terms of leftovers has to be eaten up,  Luckily I am not home tonight so don't have to suffer through that, but hubby does.  Oh the things that man has to do, to make me happy


  1. Ha ha! As they say, "Two heads... better than...?" And lucky you! i never escape the "fridge" night, but it is an easy dinner, after all! :o)

  2. You always draw such interesting animals and birds. I wish I had your imagination!

  3. Lee, you are so funny. What a good thing you don't have to eat at home tonight ;)
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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