Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy and hard

more practise needed

Easy:  To think and daydream about what i am going to create
Hard:  to actually go down and create something

Easy:  to spend money online on books I want to order
Hard:  to spend money online

Easy:  To sleep in and not do anything all day long
Hard;  To actually do this without feeling guilt ridden all day long

Easy:  To carve stamps at night while watching TV
Hard:  To carve stamps without cutting the crap out of my fingers

Easy:  To think of great meals to cook for the family
Hard:  To actually cook great meals

Easy:  To clean out the closets and let go of things that you have not used in over a year
Hard:  To actually let them go, without thinking that you will eventually fit into them

Easy:  To think up great blog posts in your mind
Hard:  Hard to actually do one


  1. I think you did a great blog post here! It's easy for you to criticize yourself but hard for you to accept that you're very creative and we love you!!!

    See how easy that was!

    PS - be careful carving those stamps! Remember to cut away from yourself.

  2. lol what a great post Lee! its funny how in our heads things always seem that much easier than in real life and put into prac... I totally with empathise this post!

  3. I like this easy and hard post, Lee. Fun to read. I am forcing myself to do some of those things on the hard list myself..especially the cooking dinner "hard". Stay warm! I saw that BBQ picture...yikes!


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