Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am loving .....

i need a vacation
Don't we all

today I am loving
that it is sunny 
that i can wear flip flops
that i don't need a coat
that i am having a easy dinner in the crock pot
that i finally have an idea what to do for flutterbye postcard swap
that i am going to meet up with a friend and go for a long walk
that i get to watch Game of Thrones on TV (i am addicted)
what are you loving today?


  1. I am loving the sunshine after a refreshing rain. We've been so dry that the two inches of rain we received was truly a blessing.

    I am loving being on this planet for Earth Day! YAY!

    Great idea for your blog and have a wonderful walk with your friend.

  2. I love the seagull and the flip flops. The sun has been shining here today, just lovely. A vacation yes please, or just some sunshine and warmth would be nice for a few months. I will put my order in. Some rain in the night time so we don't have to worry about drought. Have a lovely day Lee.

  3. loving the time i have ... to go for a bike ride; cook a nice lunch do a bit of blogging in the mean time... simple, but beautiful life. hope you are well Lee , xo sandra

  4. I'm loving that we're getting some badly needed rain today and tomorrow. I'm loving that I recycled a car load of dead electronics at our town's annual earth day recycling fundraiser. I'm loving that I finished all my envelopes for the "elevated envelope" exchange. and I'm loving that I'm about to take a nap!

  5. I am looking forward to some lashing rain!!! our summer is still going here so we are def ready for some winter weather! but I know youre ready for some sunshine... right sending some over right now......

  6. just passing by to say hello and see what ’s new :)

  7. Today I'm loving that it's cooled off from where it was over the weekend. I'm loving that I have a new painting started. And I'm loving that I get to come here and see that cute picture of the bird and the flip-flops.

  8. Sounds lovely, Lee! I'm so glad that life is treating you well these days. Our sunshine turned to rain and chill yesterday and today. I'll be so happy to see the sun's return! I love the flip flops in your picture!

  9. what a wonderful expression!!!...looks like a promise for holiday ;)


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