Sunday, April 08, 2012

A rose is a rose and sometimes a rose lily

Well hi, I am been having a little break from blogging.  Today the shopper left on her Easter Pilgrimage to the religious city of Las Vegas and she is praying to the casino gods for a big win.  (I am sorry if I have offended anyone) I have been doing some work in my altered book journal, the page above was done last night while watching TV.  Now that i think of it, it should have been a lily for Easter, so just think of it as a rose lily. I tipped in one of the beautiful postcards that I received in the postcard swap. On the rose page there is room for journalling. I never knew what a tip in was until I watched a video on altered books, so now I am tipping in all over the place.

Today we are off to the mother in-laws for a turkey dinner.  Nobody in the family likes ham except me, so we always have turkey. We all bring something, I am assigned to bring a fruit salad. Do you have a big dinner on Easter Sunday and what do you have.

I signed up for another class, this one is only 24.99 I couldn't believe it either , what an amazing price.  I
have taken a couple of online classes from Roben and been happy every time, you should go over and have a look at what she has to offer or just go to her beautiful blog.

Well happy Easter and I will talk to you soon



  1. A rose lily...I like that. You come up with such creative pages. And I like your tip in, too.

    You had me laughing out loud over your remarks about the shopper's trip! I hope the gods smile on her.

  2. HI Lee. Fingers are crossed ;) Hope she wins!
    Happy Easter anyway!!!
    Rose lily is beautiful!!! It's always so inspirational to come here, and I mean that :)

    Smiles, Anke :)

  3. loving the way you made the stem and leaves. we were invited for easter dinner with the extended in-law family. yesterday (saturday) i ran out to do some errands and forgot to bring my phone. I was taking my own sweet time, being a saturday with no commitments. I got home around 1:00 and my husband says "did you get my text?" (No, because I forgot my phone). and then he tells me easter dinner is TODAY. in an hour. on saturday. no sunday. and we are not dressed or even showered, and we have an hour's drive. somehow the critical piece of information - that easter dinner was in fact not happening on easter - was not passed along to us. if we weren't responsible for driving my mother-in-law I think we would have skipped the whole thing. instead we ran around like crazy to get presentable and drove like hell to the cousin's house (without the dessert I told her I'd bring, since I thought I was bringing it the next day). can you tell I'm still not over this? at least it gave me a lovely lazy day at home today. hope you enjoyed your turkey.

  4. love the word combo. this is such a fantastic and creative page!

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    What a beautiful and really creative spread! Love it!

  6. What a lovely page! Love your rose lily!

    Our grand nieces and nephew came over for a chocolate feast, after they actually ate some "real food" beforehand. They were told The Bunny had visited our house, and what a bribe for good behavior that was. We needed the vacuum to remove pink basket grass, etc., from the floor before we could allow the dog in the room. What a mess and what a good time! Thanks for asking!

  7. i really like how you did the stem in printed paper bits. looks really cool.

  8. it is special with its shapes, nice!


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