Sunday, April 15, 2012

The handyman Can

Just a mindless doodle I did last night well watching Lock Up.  I did it in a pen that when water is applied you would see the wash, I kinda love that look.  Well it looks like spring is not coming this year, woke up today the ground is covered in snow, what's with this weather....Today i am going to meet up with my accountant (best friend) who is going to do the taxes.  Dont you just hate tax time.  I am working on a swimming picture, which should be ready for tomorrow, as that is the day I actually start swimming.  The saga will be on the blog tomorrow.
Do you doodle? I doodle on everything, according to hubby there is not a piece of paper that is safe in this house from me.  I don;t even think about it, if i have a pen or pencil in my hand something is going to be doodled.  That would be a good song lyric (lol).  I went to IKEA with the shopper on friday night, she bought drapes for her bedroom, now its just a matter of someone putting them up, the only problem is the boyfriend and hubby are not handy.  She and I are the handy ones in the family, so we might be putting the rods up.  Who does all the handy man work in your family?
Well better go and get ready I will talk to you tomorrow


  1. I've always, always doodled and still do, no piece of paper is safe from me :)

  2. Yes I doodle a little here too, but clearly not as much as either you Lee or Veronika! I just love the leaves on this one, and the colours too. That pen sounds a find!

  3. Lee, this piece is beyond beautiful! I love it!! The colors are great, the leaves are great, the flowers are great...can you tell I really really like this?

    Thankfully HB is very handy but then so am I. Between the two of us we can get most things done.

  4. for a doodle this is .... ART!!! its almost 3D on my screen!

    lucky here too - dh is handy but I make a good helper mate for him... that is I make the cups of tea while he works! but it works for us!

  5. These are my favorite colors! What a beautiful piece.
    Snow you said? I don't know if I could live in a place that cold, being the lizard that I am :oS

  6. Love your doodle, beautiful colors! I did one in a similar fashion last night! Might post it tomorrow! I'm the same I doodle a lot!! Yes it is a good song lyric! I'll pass it on to my musician sil! He is the rod hanger now a days! In the past it was always me, but now I pass the torch! Have a nice week ahead!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. kim (ginheartart)11:21 PM

    I agree with looks 3D! Love it! My guy is super handy, which gives me more time to play and do art! Have fun in the pool...think of it as a big blue palette and you are the brush! heehee

  8. WHOA! This page is amazing! It seriously leaps right off the page. I love it when "doodles" get out of hand and somehow turn into "art," and that's what seems to have happened here. Nice work. : )

    I doodle too - I always have a pencil or pen in my hand, and nothing is safe from me.

    And as for handyman work... my husband owns a construction company, but you know how that works. Nothing gets done at home. : (


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