Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pecker Bird

Do you have trouble coming up with a title for your blog posts, or is it just me.  I come up with the dumbest ones.  OK its another bird, but a different one this time, it kinda looks like a cross between a wood pecker and a i don't know what, so I am calling him a pecker bird (sounds dirty doesn't it) hence the dumb blog title.
Well I am going to start swimming tomorrow.  To hell with the YMCA i say and on to the community pool, which meets my requirements of swim lane times.  So today I got my lock and am trying to memorize the combination, which is difficult if you have an old memory like mine, I might write it on the tag on my bathing suit, that's how worried i am about my memory.  I am in a new postcard swap over at flutterbye, you should go there a really fun site, lots of tutorials, and nice people, I will link you up
this is not a paid advertisement (lol)
okay next you will hear about the swimming and that I promise will be the last of it.

talk to you soon



  1. have fun swimming! enjoy!

  2. I still have nightmares about not being able to get my junior high combination lock open. when i joined the gym I bought one of those "word locks" because it's much easier for me to remember a four letter word. glad you've joined the swap group!

  3. kim (ginheartart)10:12 PM

    thx for the comment, Lee! Your pecker bird is the best i have ever seen...and for heaven's sake use a water proof marker to write your combo # on your bathing suit tag!!!

  4. HI Lee...sometimes a blog title is hard to find, AGREE!
    Enjoy swimming. I enjoy my slowly-starting-moving' again as well. 1 1/2 week no movement does not feel good ;)

    Smiles, Anke :)

  5. love this little bird, he looks so cheeky :)

  6. go girl, i'm proud of you. swimming is such great exercise for the whole body. glad you found a good place to go that didn't cost as much as the Y.

  7. Ha ha...it IS tough to come up with blog titles. Pecker bird...now that gets the attention! Have fun with your swimming...sounds awesome! Definitely write down your combination so you don't have to worry about it. I have NO memory for numbers.

  8. All of the time each time when I do blog which of course hasn't been very much when trying to come up with a blog title.

    Love your Pecker Bird, so colorful and very detail.

  9. This is cute Lee. I like your art here.

    I followed a link from Rosy.

  10. You're so funny! This title make me chuckle...but then I have a dirty mind!


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