Monday, April 02, 2012


Acrylic done on Paper, head is a little wonky live and learn

Okay I am having a talk with myself, every-time someone comments (and I so appreciate the comments)
I try to go to that persons blog (except you CAT do you have a blog) but now I am thinking I should go
and email you personally and thank you.  So you know how much I appreciate it).  So how do you handle the comments made on your blog, lets hear.


  1. Love your page, Lee. I've not been blogging much but have been following. I check in with you from time to time and think I am getting ready to make art and blog again....

  2. I like this painting, there's a really strong mood in it, I would like to see more of these please :)
    As for commenting - I've always been very 'chatty' with comments but there are times when I stay quiet and don't comment much or respond to other people's comments which I never like to do so I always try to get back into conversation with readers, it's what makes blogging really special for me.

  3. I agree with Veronika...this is a really good painting and I'd like to see more like this.

    As for comments, I do both. Sometimes I pay a visit to the commenter's blog and sometimes I send an email. What always bothers me is when someone asks a specific question and then doesn't have an email address that I can link with.

  4. Lee! i actually have tried to leave comments on several of your posts and... i got an error message each time!
    i though you had banished me from your blog ...

    love this painting very much; and yes go on talk to yourself; artistic people just can do that!
    xo sandra

  5. When someone leaves a comment on my blog, I will visit theirs in return. Although I do visit and sometimes comment on blogs of people who don't respond. That's ok too.

    I've tried to answer a specific question from a person by answering in an email (if I can get that to work, sometimes it doesn't). Other times, as Janet said, there is no email address or blog where I can respond. In that case, I answer on that comment section and hope that they come back and see it.

    I like your painting. The background is very striking too.

  6. HI Lee, like you, usually going to their blog, since I don't have that many commenters, kind of easy ;)
    But I already wrote messages before as well....smiles, Anke :)

  7. Hi Lee...been doing yard work=no art=no visiting blogs either.
    I am thrilled when I get comments and I do try and get back to the person. I like Wordpress for the fact that they have a "like" button you can click. I get several fellow wordpressers who do that and never leave a least I know they came by. By the way...I love love your figure drawings, etc. You are really good at that! Well, I like the flowers the animals.

  8. I'm bad about this. I respond by email if I've got something specific to say (answer to a question, or idea to share, or extending the conversation) but I'm really inconsistent. I'm trying to get better about visiting the blogs of commenters (especially first time commenters). On the other side of things, as someone who tries to leave comments on other people's blogs, I never expect a response, and I'm never upset if I don't get one (heck, I don't even notice). I never want the blogger to feel obligated to respond to every comment (and sometimes I get a response like "thanks for stopping by" that feels like a form letter and not an actual interaction, so why bother?). I like being an active member of the on-line art community but I feel like it could quickly become a full-time job. sometimes I just need to make art!

  9. i reply if they sent the comment from there email. if not i go to their blog and leave a comment. i recently had a comment from someone that didn't have a blog when i searched back i didn't know how to leave a comment on her google page.

  10. kim(ginheartart)10:04 PM

    Fantastic painting, he holding tulips? (heehee)

    I try to respond to all comments, my blog life is very young, so forgive me if i miss a few.

  11. I used to leave my responses to commenters in my own comment section, but I am just starting to try to answer via email; it seems so much more personal, and extends the conversation, which I like. I also try to visit the blogs of commenters, too, if they have one.

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