Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is that all there is?

Sometimes in my art i like to use an element more than once on a page, so what I do is go into
Photo shop elements, crop the image I want and  make a copy until I have as many as I want.  Now this is probably not the fastest way to do this, but its the way I know.  Now this image might look good in a journal page, or as collage fodder.  That's all i got today, some lame tip that everyone knows.
Today devil dog is off to doggy daycare, for friend bonding, i am off to help out the mother in law, and then out for dinner with a friend.  My lack of anything exciting to say stems from not doing to much.  Lets hope I have more to say next time.  Here is the question of the day, if you have nothing to say, is it better not to blog, or blog?


  1. Sounds like a busy day, with hopefull lot's of good moments in it. I like to use my hands more than my Corel paint shop, but with my photos I am not getting around ;)
    Smiles, Anke :)

  2. You know how to do this in PSE and I wouldn't have a clue how to begin! I like how the repeat of the leaf design repeats and fills the page. Very cool!

    Have fun today. I'm off to the dentist...ugh!

  3. See, I learned something new too!

    When I can't think of anything to blog about sometimes I just skip it. Other times, I might get lucky and find a picture to post. Can you tell that lately I've had the same problem? Occasionally, I run dry of ideas and just start writing, and it turns out ok. YAY! Those are rare, but best!

  4. the longer I go without posting, the more anxious I get about my next post - like I'd better break the silence with something really GOOD, which just adds to the pressure. I haven't posted since last Wednesday, and now I'm going to get myself all worked up about it. As if my legions of fans are sitting on pins and needles, and when I finally post they'll all say "we waited for THIS?" lol. So I say post all the time whether you've got something to say or not.
    but that's just me being a freak. plus I always like your images.

  5. There are people that post everyday and I get used to checking in on a daily basis. I personally like to see daily postings even if there is nothing much to say. Blog on!!

  6. wonderful idea !

  7. kim (ginheartart)11:23 PM

    Your little tidbits of life are always fun to read, even if you think it's nothing !!! Love the little flower/leaf repeat motif !

  8. That's a cool idea.

    If I have nothing much to say I find that I go days without blogging and sometimes I blog about having nothing to say and I figure my blogs are probably so boring to others.

  9. I say blog anyway, because it helps you make the effort to find something interesting about your day.

    That said... I guess I should practice what I preach.




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