Thursday, April 12, 2012


This girl started her life as a head drawing, then I added the features, was none to happy with the outcome, decided to gritty her up some with charcoal, that didn't do to much , then decided red lips would make a girl happy, still no smile appeared, so I gave her a hat and decided that she would always be a bridesmaid never the bride with a mug like that.
Janet always names her girls, so I am naming this little lady Agnes, fits the face.  I feel that I should stop trying to make realistic faces and just go with what ever comes out.  Hence Agnes.  What do you like painting the best?


  1. Agnes is great! I think her expression is perfect for being a bridesmaid. She seems just a little pouty as if she's thinking "why can't I find Mr Right?"

    I like making non-realistic faces best. It might be because I feel less pressure and can just let them become who they want to be.

  2. love it, and the name suits her well as well as being the perrenial bridsmaid! lol.... hey maybe with some cosmetic ( your paintbrush) surgery she WILL be a bride one day! (lol)

  3. Heh, I've just posted one of my drawings that I wasn't happy with because it's good to share things that aren't perfect or didn't turn out the way we wanted them to. It's a good reminder to ourselves that learning something we so want to get good at is going to be a long and hard road but one that we can pursue with courage, determination and patience.

  4. I am soo in love with her :) love the dotty-thing on this one and her eyes drag me in!!!

  5. She just seems to fit--all her pieces go together to make one awesome Agnes!

    I'm with you on the not trying too hard to make the faces look like some ideal. (I always remind myself that if I wanted it to look exactly/totally real, I would take a photo. A few years ago I decided that my faces just needed to look like MY faces, not like anyone else's.

    Makes the whole process of drawing much more fun!


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