Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 28 and a happy dance

I have to start using other colours, I use red and green alot.
Last day of 29 faces, tomorrow I will post a mosaic of all the faces
AM I glad its over yes, and no, first it made me post every day. Second
I drew everyday and then some.  I have improved my faces since I first started drawing them
way back 5 years ago, to now.  But now I want to do other things, I just have to get my
butt in gear and get doing them.  Still have not made that book, am still reading up on bookbinding.  That is a problem for me, I have to research to thoroughly  after all this book is not going into the National Library, its just for me, so I need to get busy. Do you procrastinate on things?


  1. this is a wonderful face! it will be exciting to see what you decide to do next! and yes - I procrastinate 10 hours a day!

  2. Great face once again. Do I procrastinate on things? Yes, and especially on "must do" things, otherwise I jump into things right away.

  3. Yea! You finished the challenge and you made some great faces.

    Yes, I procrastinate especially when it comes to art. In other parts of my life, not so much...but art is where I lag behind.

  4. great face anxious to see your mosaic. procrastinate, oh yeah. should be my middle name.

  5. procrastination is my middle name! lol... I have been looking at one of the links you posted in... the judy davies one and she has amazing tutorials. I love her stuff and at easter when I have some me time, I am planning to make some things from her page!

  6. I think you capture, so well, the expressions of your faces, especially reflecting your quotes. I'm looking forward to the mosaic to see all the differences.

    Thanks for your comment! I love watching those eagles and aren't they just the biggest bunch of feathers! They are certainly filling up the nest. Today I drove by the tree when I took Mom to get her hair done and there was a crowd of photographers as close as they could get to the tree. Have you been watching the babies eat? They can go through a good size fish in no time! So glad you're enjoying looking at them. Oh, yes, it's almost always breezy or windy here. That's one of the reasons I can't wear those hats I like so much---they'd blow off my noggin in no time.

  7. Procrastinate! Me! Everyday and twice on Sunday!!!

    This lady is very lovely and I have so enjoyed your "faces". I can't wait to see what you will be painting next!!!


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