Friday, February 21, 2014

Oldy but Goody Friday

this might have been during my pointy chin faze
I kinda like that look , it might be back
working on a collages, paper is flying
hubby will be home on Friday for a weekend pass
but needs to return for more tests
cold front coming in
time for comforting food to be made
I been feeling like homemade tomato soup
and homemade bread, bread coming from the bakery
my kneeding skills need work
what are  you doing this weekend.


  1. There is something pretty charming about the pointy chin. All the best to your husband!

    I am driving to Texas with my son for his piano audition for graduate school.

  2. You don't doubt your own you? It's so clear to me, and I love it!
    Tomorrow I'm filling the suitcase and way too early sunday morning we're off to Spain for a week. Looking forward to warm and dry weather. See you when I'm back.

  3. Wendy3:40 PM

    I am taking care of my husband who just had shoulder surgery- he gets spacey with those pain meds- kinda funny- I also am making a small journal and looking at color combinations.


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