Thursday, February 06, 2014

guess who's coming to dinner

Your probably thinking, god what's she thinking when she
thinks up her blog title. Lets be honest I find it really
hard to think of titles for the daily blog, as you can tell.
Since the hubster has been in the hospital, I have been
eating crappy, just saying, hospital food on the go
is not healthy, I think they need to change that up.
Today I went to the book store, and bought the
magazine Artist Café, I had put a moratorium
on buying these types of magazines, one because
they are way to expensive, and two they say
all the same things, a thousand times over, just
different ways, but hey I was in a spending mood.
I have a hard time finding these magazines in
my bookstore, because they put them all
in different sections of the magazine racks.
So I made a couple of suggestions to
the magazine person who was working there,
and told her that these magazines, and I
named them, should be grouped together.
Because the people who read these
magazines all pretty well do the
same kind of art, and they would
sell more if they were easier to find.
I don't think she appreciated my intervention (lol), if
I was the magazine person I don't think I would have either.


  1. Love your birds of character here Lee. I hope your husband gets well soon!

  2. I feel the same way about the magazines. It would be so much more interesting if they published different artists each time rather than using the same ones over and over again. I have mostly given up buying them when I found out I can read them online for free through my library!!


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