Sunday, February 09, 2014

Cardboard fun

now here is the rest of it, sometimes only one thing in your painting was
worth your time, and you guessed it, it was that flower
I did this on a piece of cardboard that was lying around in the
studio, I was just fooling around, seeing what worked and
what didn't, and I got that one flower, that was a keeper.
So the moral of the story is, I didn't waste any great paper
just cardboard, got one great idea off it, and had fun. Sometimes
that's all you can ask for....
Do you think Picasso or Monet ever painted on cardboard 
happy Sunday


  1. i like the effect you get from cardboard. love the flower that's a keeper

  2. I love your funny questions! Yes, I think Picasso and Monet painted on cardboard too. However your's look fantastic!

  3. While looking at art in museums I have seen several paintings that said they were painted on cardboard. It surprised me at the time but now I think it's pretty cool.

  4. Wow! They turned out great! Janet informed us all, didn't she! You're right up there with the greats!


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