Monday, February 17, 2014

Update Canada

today is a holiday family day
watched the ice dancing loved it
cant skate a lick never could
I always said I had bad ankles
hubster came home yesterday for a few hours, getting better by the day
walking devil dog in nicer weather
need to get back into my routine
last night watched favourite show Downton Abbey
what have you been up to


  1. beautiful drawing! glad the hubster is home! need to be doing some art - but not doin nuthin'!

  2. So glad the Hubster is getting better! Sports? I always claimed my "bad knee!" LOL!

  3. I love this piece!! The colors, the background, her hair, her smile...everything about it is perfect.

    So glad your husband is doing better. As for skating, I've never been on a pair of ice skates and doubt that I'll try anytime soon. I watched Downton Abbey, too. It's one of the highlights of my week. I'm also doing more collaged pages in my art journal.

  4. Lee, this one is just so beautiful, the background reminds me of a wallpaper I once sold. The girl is great too.
    In my young and promising days, I was good at skating and a lot of other sports too. Not many years ago I was out rollerblading. That was quite a sight, but I had ensured to be in a place nobody knew me. Now I'm out of sports, morning walks and hiking is as far as I go.

  5. Wow! This lady looks great! I love the colors you have used and the background is stunningly beautiful!


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