Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miss Sofie

Meet Sofie (aka Devil dog)
she is part pug/corgie, and really
she is a sweet girl, very well
mannered when she wants to be, and
sometimes listens (lol), the ruler of the house,
and according to her way of thinking she is my boss (lol)
Am I a dog person, never was, had a couple of
dogs while growing up.  The shopper
kept asking for one, the answer always was no,
we don't have the lifestyle for a dog etc.
So when she was in grade 12, she saved
her money and asked if she could buy
one, and she would be sole responsible.
So here came Sofie, and quess where the
shopper is, living at her own place
minus the dog, because she just
doesn't have the time with work, and everything
and we are retired. So Sofie is ours, and
I don't regret a minute of it.
I have linked to
for there monthly challenge


  1. go you girl - yea sofie!!

  2. Sofie sounds like she has found a good home and she knows it. Sounds familiar...our first cat, Harley, was rescued by my daughter but she couldn't keep him in her apartment so guess who he came to live with!

  3. OMG I felt totally in love with sophie!! Such a gorgeous girl!! She looks so independently with her cool skateboard and her necklace!! Not to mention her ultracool sunglasses!!! I am sure, this would look incredible in a frame on the wall!! Soo love you are making art with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  4. Yeah, I know how those kids promise to take care of keep a pet and then they leave and leave the pet with you! Been there done that. But I am glad that you love her and that you are glad that you have her. Your painting is fun and adorable!

  5. Miss Sofie is absolutely cool! She has so much fun skating! Great!

  6. Oh my, amazing drawing of Miss Sofie on her skateboard. Love her cool sunglasses.

  7. Love Miss Sofie who is so cool with her shades and skateboard.
    She does live in a very nice part of town.

  8. Sofie is just cool, isn't she! With her own portrait artist and all!

  9. OMG she its so cute,on her skateboard she is roading,i love her sunglass,so pretty,love your miss sofie to much :-)

    Greetings Jeannette

  10. Love Sophie and your story! I have a photo of our last dog a cairin terrier on a skate board so it brought back happy memories. You did a wonderful job capturing personality in this piece!


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