Thursday, February 13, 2014


things have not changed to much in my house
without giving away the farm, I can tell you
the hubster is still in the hospital, and
things so far are not looking to good.
But I decided I needed something normal
in y life, and its this blog.  We have a
love hate relationship with each other
sometimes I love to blog, and sometimes I don't
So I decided I am going to blog, maybe not every
day,but when I have the time
love lee


  1. beautiful artwork! hope that you will both be okay! these are the hard times and I pray that you have continued strength and courage - with love myra

  2. I'm praying for strength and courage for you both too. We're here for you, Lee, when you have time and want to talk. Love and hugs.

  3. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts each day and hope that this will all have a positive outcome. I'm glad you're blogging. I think it helps to know you have friends out here...people who care about you.

  4. Lee...I echo everything that Janet and the others have said already. I hope your hubby starts improving so you can bring him home.

  5. Wendy7:59 AM

    Lee- sorry to hear about your husband- hope he heals and is home soon- keep arting - take care of yourself

  6. I love these flowers just gorgeous and great colors too!! Glad things are looking up for hubby! Faith is good!!

    Hugs Giggles


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