Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Wrapup

well I am back.  Glad the challenge is over, its hard to do 29 faces all in one month, and try to make them all look different and keep the readers of this blog interested.
Well today I am going wrap up February and move on to March
  •  went to 4 movies
  •  watched the whole series of The Originals on Netflix
  • Read 3 books
  • went out to lunch with friends 3 times
  • bought a new stencil, new paint, and ink pads
  • finished an art journal and started a new one
  • went swimming 20 days
  • didn't gain any weight
  • didn't lose any weight
  • tried 2 new low fat recipes
  • had Chinese food from Panda Express (just opened) very good
  • went shopping with the shopper 2 times
  • went to a course at my favourite art store and made a journal page
  • signed up for two courses on line
  • bought a riggers bag online and received it
  • uploaded new tunes I bought at ITunes
  • uploaded new books I bought at Ibook
and that's what I did for the month of March what did you do?


  1. You were busy, hope March will be a good month too! Valerie

  2. What a beautiful and tender piece of art.

    Your accomplished a lot in February!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. (Sorry...I goofed up my original comment.)
    The art piece is so soft and beautiful. Much different from your usual bright colors but I like it. And the words are beautiful.
    As for the month of February, I didn't do nearly as much as you did!! You accomplished a lot.


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