Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Daze

Today the weather was fantastic, the snow is just about gone.  Probably one more snow before its really gone for good.  The above little ditty was done on a napkin I had, drew the elephant and painted add a piece of striped cardboard I had and called it a day.
This is an old one , because its throwback Saturday.
Today I am off to pick up some new clothes I bought, but didn't bring
home because today they are an additional 40 percent off, so a girl
has to save some money.  I used to love shopping, but not so much any more
I would rather spend money on stuff I don't need, art supplies.  Anyway I needed
these things so I did the work and got the clothes.  I am meeting the shopper for lunch and a little more shopping then home.  I love Saturdays when its do whatever you feel like doing.


  1. Love your funky elephant, enjoy your new clothes! Valerie

  2. Love your elephant on the napkin background. Enjoy your Saturday! Not long now and I'll have a Saturday where I can do whatever I please! Can't wait. Maybe I'll be back blogging again!

  3. Nice way to make a painting, your pink elephant looks good.

  4. hi Lee...the pink elephant is outstanding! And I love the background on this piece!
    I hope you had a successful day of shopping and found many bargains!

  5. Everyone needs a pink elephant!! Love yours.

  6. Love your magenta elephant, lee ~ just love it!


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