Saturday, March 14, 2015

Working my goal

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to sell my art.
So I am working towards that goal ever so slowly, but am
working at it.  I am first off redoing this blog, spiffing it up
and making it a bit more user friendly hopefully.  I know
a little code not much, but I am working it.  The second
thing that I am doing toward that goal.  I have been
trying out different graphic places to print my art for art
prints.  I must tell you I bought some art online (no names)
and could hardly wait to get it and I paid a pretty price
for it and when it came, it was just from her printer, and
not nice at all. So I am trying out places, different papers
and reasonable pricing.  So far 2 things I am doing from my list


  1. Love your owl. Good luck with selling your art, is not always easy. Valerie

  2. Good luck Lee with your new venture! Shame you had a bad experience, everything I have bought so far has come more or less from home printers and I have never had an awful piece yet.

  3. Love your owl. I too have been wondering about having prints of my work done. And wondered about the quality of prints done at home . After reading the last comment it may depend on the quality of the printer, paper and ink.But to achieve top quality I think professional printing is the best way. Good Luck with your search.

  4. Good luck Lee... the owl is awesome- thank you for joining AJJ again!

  5. Very beautiful owl artwork

    Good luck with the sales idea.

    Thank you for joining in at Art Journal Journey

    Love Chrissie xxx

  6. Your owl looks good.
    Finding someplace to print your art is not easy. I know I've done the same thing.

  7. That owl is gorgeous! I like your style.

  8. Good for you! Sure hope you let us know which print services work best. I used Vista print during their good sales. I liked them better before when I had more creative control. Now you have to call to have help from one of their digital artists. Let us know your preference. Wonderful owl!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I love the cute owl! I really would like to talk to her because she looks very wise. And I admire you how you are able to stick to your goal! I'm also dreaming of doing something like that (selling my art) but as I'm still working full full time and do my art only after work I'm not sure where to start with this project.


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