Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just Tugging along

Well this is no 1 of the 100 creative art project.
so far this is what I have done
made 100 6x6 scrapbook pages (2 glued together for strength)
and a old medical book page to all of them
gessoed each one
painted 5 to start
and made 2 so far completed
(the other one tomorrow)
this project was going to be all about structures it took
me forever to decide that.  After I made the first two, I changed
my mind and decided I should not be so hard on myself and
decided to do collage.  My collage needs work, so
by the time I do 100 of these, I should have improved. I
hoping for that result.  But I decided one element will be
in all my collages, the city,   The first one, which
I call Tugging along (lol) I had fun with,
I had some gelli painted deli paper so I
made them waves, and just went with random paints,
and I also love drawing boats, not hard one, but I
am getting better at them.  So that's it.  I hope you like it.


  1. Fantastic piece, looks like a lot of work with all the details! Valerie

  2. Nice work with the waves and the boat, Lee.
    The 100 paintings project sounds fun and 6 x 6 inches is just my sort of size.

  3. This sounds like a great project. I look forward to seeing all 100 when you finish! Your tugboat is cute...it looks perfect skimming along in the waves as the skyline goes by.

  4. Aren't you a brave one, taking on a one hundred challenge. I love this first piece and am looking forward to seeing you making plenty of new ones.

  5. So cute! Great title too.

  6. Oh yes, I like it very, very much! This beautiful motif reminds me of wonderful hours I spent on little ships on the river Rhine together with my grandmother. While looking at your picture I can even hear the sound of the little waves beating on the edge of the boat. I love the colors you have choosen and I love your project too. You have so many wonderful ideas and I always love it to see them coming to life on your blog. This marvellous picture is such a great start into your 100 paintings project.


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