Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some art, some talk

this is the art that I did at urban
it started like this and ended like this
I not a big fan of mine, I think its to controlled

 do you make excuses for yourself when you do your art.  I do I  will go down to the studio with great intentions of creating art, and I wont do it, I will clean up, or sit there, or go thru some old papers  , but I wont do any art.  Then I will be mad at myself for not following thru on my plan.  Here is gem  that I found on this great website about creativity  
There’s a story that, when Ernest Hemingway was asked how to write a novel, he responded: “First you defrost the refrigerator.” 

that sound about right to me.  I think I have the fear of failure when creating, the fear
that when its finished it wont be good enough.  But really good enough for who, do
I have such high expectations of myself , I have to learn to just let it go, and just create.
Because truthfully I have to create every day, I cant explain it, but I think about art every day.  Do you?


  1. You are definitely your own worst critic! I keep telling you that I love your art and I'm not just saying that...I really do.

    I saw something several years ago that has stuck with me. This woman printed up an official looking certificate that said " (name) has permission to make ugly art" She said after she put it up in her studio she was able to let go and just do whatever. I didn't actually print anything out but I always remember that when I'm in the studio. Nothing in life is ever 100% so why do we think we should be able to create 100% beautiful art all the time. And truthfully, I think art that is too perfect isn't really beautiful.

    I think your finished piece looks great. It has a playful quality to it and the colors say Spring!!

  2. You might find it too controlled but I do like it. It's playful and the colours look great together.

  3. It's different for you and it looks as it was fun to do and I like it.

  4. Hi Lee, I just discovered your kind words about my blog. Thanks so much! Yes, continue to create--it matters for your wellbeing and you clearly have something beautiful to put out into the world! Best of luck.


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