Thursday, March 05, 2015


This is what I call a twofer, linking to two things,
"Things with Wings"
how good am I getting a twofer out of one
Well whats going on with you today, just got home from the gym
I hate exercise I really do, but if I want to live to be 103 and still
creating art I have to do it, plus that the Dr. orders for my life.
Picked up the new book (at the library)
Traci Bautista new book called Printmaking Unleashed.
Okay this is my theory I get it at the Library , read
it thru and then and only then I decide if I like and
then I buy the book.  Gotta tell you  90 percent
of the books don't make the cut.  So much
repetitive nonsense,
.  But this
one looks like a keeper.  Last night made
some foam stamps while watching the TV, gonna
try them out today and lets have a show and
tell tomorrow.  Okay you have read enough
  I will talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Great work again Lee. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  2. Wonderful piece with this angel in the background Lee!
    I can imagine that this book is fab.. I have got her first book -Doodles Unleashed in german language.. that is also really great!
    Looking forward to see what you make with your foam Stamps!
    Thank you for another fab piece for Art Journal Journey!

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I didn't even see the angel til I read Susi's comment! Fab job!!

  4. I love this page and combining the angel and the birds is wonderful

    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  5. That's a beautiful piece - I love the angel subtly in the background.

    1. Thanks I went to your blog could not find a way to leave a comment. But as it happens I loved the info you shared and am going to give it a try

  6. Interesting an beautiful. Love it.

  7. I really like the angel in the background and the two birds out front. Very effective.

    I do the same thing at my library. It sure has cut down on my book buys!

  8. Wonderful page,Love it all on it.

    XXX Jeannette

    1. Thanks for the nice comment

  9. Lee, can´t say how much I looooove this! It catches my attention already in the linkup ;) Love the birds shape and the angelsilouette watching over them?! Can´t wait to see your stamps...♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  10. I love these twofers...that are adorable.. I know they aren't twofers but I see them that way in there whimsical magic. Can't wait to see your stamps to! I am going to do some more contrived ones next!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Your two birds are sweet and amusing in some way and then the serious angel as the background turns it into something different. Very interesting and eye-catching.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your stamps too, love hand-made stamps.

  12. Such charming little winged ones ~ love them!

  13. Lovely art and love those birds!


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