Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Blues

Hello all, I was going to take a few days off after
posting 29 days in a row, an amazing feat for me,
and it was hard.  Okay stop all the clapping, I am
still the humble girl you all know. But was just Pinteresting around and decided to post after all.  What have I been doing
lets see, I have been watching the whole series of Felicity
I have not finished it yet, its 4 seasons long, and I am still
on Season 1.  I dyed my own hair, mistake, its blond now
and I don't look good blond I don't have the skin color
for it.  Going to the hairdresser on Friday for a quick fix.
The shopper is going to NewYork with the boyfriend the
beginning of May, so I have been helping her try to\
find a hotel in there price range.  God NYC is expensive,
but I so want to go there.  On my bucket list, so much to see
and do.  Its snowing and blowing and cold today, it was
blowing so hard, I didn't want to go on the freeway to
go swimming, so missed it today.
If you don't know about this free online class by Strathmore
here is the link I have taken them 2 years in a row.  This year
first online is Tracy Batista so don't walk run and sign up
free is free
 Other than that
no news so talk to you all soon


  1. Love your city....don't be discouraged about dying your just need to find the right colour. I have done my own for years now. Love this city scape... hope the shopper has a fabulous time in NY...

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Your city scape is fabulous, love the colours and the way the buildings fit together and the repetition of windows.
    I enjoy your lists of what you have been doing.
    Will check out this class, thanks.

  3. Lee, I love this!!

  4. I'm not sure which I like most, your faces, your birds, or your cityscapes. Oh, heck, you know me...I just like all your art!
    I hope the shopper has a good time in NYC...and I hope the weather isn't too bad.


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