Tuesday, March 03, 2015

hey is lonely up here..

This picture I am linking to the monthly challenge over at
Art -Journey.
Well its happened I think I have the flu.  I have not had the flu
for I don't know how many years.  I faithfully get the
flu shot, and it straight off misses me.  Well the
hubster who also gets the flu shot was very ill
last night, we are talking to the porcelain sick, bad headache,
all the sudden losing his voice, ok that part was not
so bad.  I wake up today and all the sudden I
am off, you know that feeling in your stomach
when you know things are going
to go downhill quickly.  So no swimming today
until I find out what going on, maybe it
will miss me I hope so.  Okay lets not
talk about it anymore.  Moving  on I have a hankering to
make a huge kick ass painting, so I am going
to do it.  Off what I have no clue, any ideas
will be appreciated.  And after it done
its going above the bed......
So what's up with you today?


  1. Sorry you are all, get well soon! Love our wonderful, bright bird! Thanks or joining us at AJJ, Valerie

  2. Fantastic Art! Feel better soon...

  3. Hope you soon feel better.A fine piece of art for this challenge.

    Thank you for joining us
    Love Chrissie AJJ guest hostess xx

  4. This wonderful birdie is fantastic- great page - thank you for another fab entry to AJJ !
    Get well soon Lee! Keep care !

  5. Love your birdie, fantastic!! Oops said the exact same thing as Susi without reading her comment!! Maybe a painting with buildings and a big object, face, bird, something else would be cool.. I love your building work. Heck I love all your work!! Feel better soon...all of Beardos work place has that flu... it's nightmare!! Take care!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. love yor beautiful page,the bird is so cute.

    xxx jeannette

  7. Feel better soon, Lee! Birds and cities...some of your favorites, eh? They look great together!

  8. Oh, yuk! It's no fun being sick or to have a sick hubby.

    I know whatever big painting you do, it will be a work of art. Be sure to show us when you finish.

  9. I like this one, Lee. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. Love your fantastic page and the fabulous bird!


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