Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Beam me up number 6

Number 6, and working on number 7
picked up a friend at airport today
library, I must look like someone you can talk to a guy told me his life story
going back swimming on monday
rash is gone, no longer will I frequent the hot tub
did you know I am on instagram and facebook link on top
still trying to update the blog, lucky I save the original because it isn't working out for me
reading posts on how to get more traffic to your blog, but do I need more traffic
and why
going out for lunch with my art friend on Thursday
 tomorrow she is retiring from her job (way to go)
been taking pictures with my ipod./ipad, but think my camera is better
Do you have Iphone, I do not I just have a flip phone, that's all I need
the shopper has all the bells and whistles but I am not 26
ok I think I will go watch the Voice


  1. Nice work, love the cat and birds Valerie

  2. This picture looks so sweet! I love the birdies sitting around watching the cat and I love it how the cat is looking around waiting for an opportune moment ... The colors are marvellous!
    And yes, I have an Iphone and and Ipad and love both so much! They make life so easy sometimes and solve nearly all my problems ;)

  3. Will look for you on instagram. Thought I didn't need a smart phone but I love it. I have a Samsung android older model that I got on groupon. I pay as you go plan and use Wifi to connect shaw has it everywhere now...so do the kids, none of us use data. It's our way of being economical. If the offer to get you one for mothers day don't refuse.
    Hugs Giggles


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