Friday, April 03, 2015

friday Mish Mash blogs and tuts

 Title:  The egg seller
  it seems the background is competing with the drawings I tried
to tone it down.  Hopefully as I do more they will get better.
The shopper is coming over later today to sew .  We are making
burp cloths, the quilt is made.  These are for a baby gift for her friend.  The friend is due when she is away in new York so she wants to have them all ready to give to
her before she goes.

here are some great links that I found this week

don't you love studio tours, I do and here's one to oh and ah over

making a page from a magazine picture, this I like then you don't have to draw

This is a tut by one of Donna Downeys artist gang, its very interesting, just to see the process, give it a try

collage postcards, I think you need to make me one


  1. Great picture, hope that lady doesn't sneeze with all those eggs on her head! Valerie

  2. I love the colors! And your pretty egg seller together with the birds fit's perfectly! many thanks for the links! I have already opened them all and will have a look at them now.

  3. The egg lady looks a bit worried, I wonder why! and the birds are watching carefully. Love your bird lady in her red coat and blue ankle socks.
    Is the diving bird wearing spectacles?
    Speeded through your recommendations and will watch later. Collage postcards look such fun,.
    In the first artist's studio, where has she found the Time to make all this art? - it's stupendous.


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