Thursday, April 02, 2015

Its all about foreign lands

You know how I said you would not have to suffer through all my 100 art works (that is if I get to a 100) well I changed my mind, because they are all going to
be different, again changed my mind, no theme, its whatever I want to create.
I breaking all the rules baby, but still the same size 6x6 not to big, not to small just right (just like goldilocks).  Today was lunch with the neighbour, tonight was all about rocking the leftovers (I hate leftovers lucky the hubster will eat anything). 
Thinking about cooking a ham on Sunday for Easter everyone else I know
is cooking a turkey, but we have not had Ham in along time.  Do you
like scalloped potatoes, I am cooking those as well.  What are you cooking for easter.


  1. Oh dear! You made me laugh so much when I read about your changing mind and always breaking the rules. I love it! This always happens to me as well! I love the city you have painted here. Would like to go there for an evening stroll. Great pattern on the houses. And by the way we will have beef roulade with dumplings for easter.

  2. Nice work with the buildings, Lee.
    Yesssssssssssssss, break the rules, especially your own rules.
    Looking forward to "suffering" your 100 paintings or 10 paintings if you change your mind, haha!

  3. Hah, Lee I saw a bit of your gorgeous "City-Painting" yesterday on facebook and thought: "ahh did she paint it for MIM?" Seems I was right :) Such an amazing one, with so much depth and an important message! Loooove! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  4. A wonderful and elegant city piece with a touch of old world whimsy!

  5. I like it very much, but especially his message!

  6. I love this one, the white outlines are wonderful!

  7. Breaking the rules is good at our age, you go girl! We had a ham last week too so we could make soup this week...even made some fried rice with ham with the leftovers. For years I hated leftovers too. Now I am so grateful not to have to cook that I would gladly eat them everyday now! I love any kind of potatoes and have often made scalloped, this time I made mashed with ham gravy...we probably only have ham once or twice a year so we make it a good one! That ham has gone so far... we had a family pot luck on good Friday!

  8. Beautiful! I love how you used the fine black and thick white to make all the shapes and lines standout.

  9. Love your city! I can almost smell all the different spices and see all the people in the bazar :))
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Tinna ✐
    (new to mix it monthly challenges)


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