Saturday, April 04, 2015

Coat of Armour

I entered this into Illustration Friday the theme this week
is Warrior, since I was creating these 100 I thought why
not so this is what I came up with.  First the horse is
to small for the warrior.  His coat of armour suit,
looks like it would not hold up to one dust up with the
other warriors.  And lets not get into his body
he needs some exercise before he should be
allowed to fight.  Plus coat of armour is silver.  But
I didn't have any, so black it is.  I call this
Man in Black (Johnny cash would be rolling in his grave)

PS the little dots on the armour is suppose to be mesh


  1. Perhaps your warrior has enough inner conviction to win every fight in spite of the armour! Nice illustration, Valerie

  2. I think he looks a great warrior. Call it 'Artistic Licence'.

  3. fantastic Colors! i really love that piece!

  4. always make me smile. I like the warrior...maybe he's a lover and not a fighter? I really think the egg lady is the post below is really cute. Fantastic works of art.

  5. The colors and composition are wonderful! I love it.

  6. Maybe he has a big jumper on over his chain mail because he is cold? He looks as if he is on his way home after a successful day, and as has been said before "You should see the other guy".
    I like your fun paintings and the stories with them.


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