Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Process

I have been going thru some old art that I keep
on a flash drives.  And I thought I should tell
my readers my process, maybe  I am doing something
that is done an easier way than I am doing it.  So here is my process
because I know you are all dying to know:
first I create the art
I scan all my artwork
then on Photoshop elements, I brighten things up
and then save it up on my hard drive under
folders I have created, this one was in a
folder called animals, I have some called birds
abstract, faces, etc you get the drift.  When I have
to much on my hard drive, I transfer it over
to my flash drives.  I figure if my hard drive ad
every crashes, and it has, I have not lost anything, its
all on those flash drives, pictures included.  How do
you back up your work?


  1. First off I love this one so much. Glad you are posting old stuff too!! Omg I have been thinking so hard I need to back my stuff up.... so this post is my warning...thanks for the flash drive tip. Most of my art is on my pc.... Some has been on laptops that crashed but I have them on and such. I photograph mine, and brighten up on pixlr express. Now go into instagram and see the three dots on and where it says edit....add hash tags for all your artwork.... this one could have #animal #art #folkart #watercolour #watercolor and anything else you deem fit.... put the hash tags after your little blurb for the day!! Later click on your own hash tags and you will see how it fits with the subject. When I wanted to let you know about the other instagram I used @ in front of leekrek..... Hope that helps....

    Hugs Giggles

  2. That sounds like a great process...very organized and secure. I'm not so good about backing things up; if my computer crashes, I'm in big trouble. But I guess I still have the pics I've saved to Picasa to put on my blog!


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