Wednesday, April 08, 2015

oh starry night

I know you probably saying is that all she does birds and houses.  Well I do like drawing birds, I want to be able to draw them in my sleep.  That's how you get better at drawings, you draw and draw till you  draw it in your head.
I went to Michaels today, actually its not my favourite place, I think they are way overpriced, they did have a 50 percent coupon, but that's not why I went.  They had some of there watercolour pads on three for the price of 1, and I could not
resist that, I go through watercolour books like crazy, I like the strength and
that they can take a lot of wet.  So I bought some, resisted the coupon and walked out of the store.  Do I need anything else, no, could I have bought more of course.
That's what is called willpower, okay where is my willpower hiding when
I am in the cookie department


  1. what? michaels had a three for one and I didn't hear about it?????!!

  2. I love all your birds and houses. Not a fan of Michaels either. I watch for sales at opus. I ordered a lot of mixed media books a while back. Cupcake got me some thick card stock sketch books at target for a great price before everything became a shambles for the closing out sale.
    Hugs Giggles

  3. Wonderful bird and houses today, and you got a great bargain on those water colour pads, well done! Vaerie

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Tout comme ami Léo le toucan, je ne peux que dire bravo ! pour cette merveilleuse oeuvre.
    J'aime également beaucoup les couleurs qui apportent une belle note joyeuse.

    ❀ ✺ Gros bisous ✺ ❀

  5. I like your birds and houses....I like how this bird is overlooking the city...probably looking for something to eat. One can't have too much watercolor paper :)

  6. So draw birds if you want to draw birds, some of the great masters drew the same thing over and over. I always enjoy seeing your birds. I like the white dots idea.

  7. wonderful bird drawing... (wouldn´t it fit the theme at mix-it-monthly: cities?)
    i wish we had something like michaels here. our art stores are very expensive, even if they have "sales"...


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