Wednesday, April 01, 2015

March wrap up.....

No 2 Into the wild
I not to proud of this one but it is what it is
A month in review:
Had a birthday not aging anymore
blogged 29 times
made some good art
made some bad art
tried some great new skinny recipes
didn't lose any weight
didn't gain any weight
had two weeks off swimming because of a rash, still have it
never going in the hot tub again
got some art printed at the printers was very happy with work
got some mats to mat my work
making baby steps toward my goal of selling my work
went to the Doctor taking pills for high cholesterol
bought some much needed new clothes
cleaned my closet of old clothes and gave some to good will
put away all winter coats and brought up spring coats
saw a couple of bad movies


  1. Lee....I think it's great you are doing a series. I had fun doing mine last year even though I didn't complete it. You won't like all of them and that's checking back to see how you are doing....2 down and 98 more to go :) Looking forward to seeing your prints!

  2. Good art and a good month for you! Valerie

  3. Good idea to do a summary for each month.
    I like your little houses, they are like the Pods some caravan sites have.

  4. Great to do a summary- I see lots of beautiful art- you have a wonderful unique style!

  5. I love it to read your monthly review :) - This is so funny how you summarize everyday life. Congratulations on the progress of the successful printing project! And "into the wild" looks great to me! Again wonderful colors and such a lovely idea.

  6. Happy belated 29th birthday! Hope it was a good one! I saw few cramps movies lately too! You accomplished a lot. Hope your rash clears up soon!


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