Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just zooming around

making progress on my blog notice new header
what do you think
working on my 100 art projects this is 9
making skinny beef enchiladas for dinner
hitting IKEA this afternoon for a look at there frames
the tax man did not take all my money, got my refund yesterday god bless the tax man
wondering what to spend it on
lunch yesterday at great restaurant with my friend Gayle
Fish tacos all around and guess what I like edamane beans now thanks Gayle for
showing me the error of my ways
cruising around blogland
posting to instagram, are you on tell me I will friend you
Okay money is burning a hole in my pocket talk to you soon

participating in this months cities/villages challenge at


  1. Love your city-scene, and the blogheader looks really cool!

  2. great city scene and blogheader!

  3. What a busy little city or should I say big city? I see skyscrapers and many it seems to be a real CITY! Love the chimneys and the wall with its induvidual bricks! And of course the blue car...reminds me to my own blue car, hihi ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  4. If there was a cable car, I would say it is San Francisco. Great painting!

  5. Love this piece of whimsical!

  6. This is fantastic- great energy and color!


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